There is absolutely no doubt that artificial intelligence is here to stay and at the rapid pace AI is being developed and improved, it’s beginning to penetrate our lives more so every day. If you think AI hasn’t penetrated your world very much, I dare you to think of a moment in any single given day you haven’t relied on Siri or Alexa to give you some form of information. This is artificial intelligence, my friends. In my office, AI is a fundamental tool that I have no problem utilizing when getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Here is the question that begs an answer… is this technology our friend or is it our foe?

Many folks in the working world view artificial intelligence as a catastrophic set of events gearing toward world domination and the total annihilation of the human race. However, my point of view is much different than that, at least for now in the infancy stages of AI. I see Artificial Intelligence as a genius tool at my disposal when working and getting the job done. It’s included in almost every graphic design software and online tool, such as Canva and Adobe Photoshop.

I was watching a commercial on Photoshop’s ability to harness the power of AI to create a flyer on the “fly” (pun intended) without any graphic design skill needed. I tried this out myself. This is just too good to be true, right? Well, yes and no. I was able to have Photoshop create an image of my choosing, however, it wasn’t done very well; and the hand of the individual was quite scary… something you’d see in a horror, sci-fi flick. But the potential is there. It may not be 100% accurate at replicating or creating humans or animals, but nature is another story. Having it create a city scape or forest background, AI does a bang-up job. But, refined human likeness? Not there yet.

But, when it is there, the question now is: How much is too much AI reliance?  Hmmm. I would imagine with all things; balance will be key. The idea that graphic designers no longer need a Shutterstock or the like to create custom background images is quite enticing. The concept of using artificial intelligence to create a custom image that you own is a worthy tool in my estimation. No more buying subscriptions to stock image companies and always feeling a bit disgruntled on the selection of choices. Having AI create exactly what you want in the dimensions and format you need it in is quite enticing and very exciting. But we’re not there yet. AI can’t create a simple image of a hand drawing with a pencil. It looks weird….and scary.

Ultimately, AI isn’t going anywhere. So, should you be afraid, or should you harness the power and wield it like that awesome graphic designer you are. Wield that sunuvagun. Partner with AI and become better at your job. AI will provide efficiency and you’ll provide the graphic design knowhow. Match made in design heaven, in my estimation.

That is all for today!


(Cali Dingo)