Some time ago I was given the opportunity to work on a promo video for a Kansas City area magic act. This duo perform several times a year around the Kansas City area and needed a promotion video to embed on their newly established website (the site is no longer around, but the magic act is). They had the general idea of what they wanted, so they filmed one of their tricks themselves, recorded the voice over, and sent it to me to add motion graphics to the end final edit.

I used After Effects for all of the motion graphics effects and the little bit of editing I did (some of the voice over didn’t match up with the visual cues). But my main role was to add that vintage look to the video and that MTV text writing that happens. The wonderful aspect of After Effects is the ability to, not only, add visual effects to a final edit, but to also fine-tune the editing. Often, I’ll get “final edits” where the sync of voice over or audio is not aligned. This is one of those cases, however, being that the audio only had to line up with the visual cues in the video made it easier. Had I needed to sync the audio with a speaker’s lips… that’s a different tamale.

Feel free to look them up via Google. They are called The Two-Headed Monster.


David (Cali Dingo)