Why Pros Hang The Microphone Upside Down When Recording

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Why Do Pros Hang The Microphone Upside Down When Recording?

I came across an excellent article this morning over at Bobby Owsinski’s Blog discussing why professionals have always put their microphones upside down while recording a vocal part. This technique has always baffled me and I was always curious what the benefits were.

My only guess was that it helped keep the microphone away from the lyric sheet. Keeping microphone stands clear of the lyric sheet is one of the reasons on his list, however, this technique goes beyond just microphone stands.

Here is a quick excerpt from his very informational blog.

• The rationale behind hanging a mic upside down comes from tube mics. The heat rising from the tube can cause the diaphragm to change temperature over time, which will change the sound of the mic. Placing the tube above the capsule will let the heat rise without passing over the diaphragm.

• Another thing that happens is that the vocalist sings slightly upward into the mic, which forces the airway open and encourages a full-body voice. Take a deep breath and sing a low note, start with your chin to your chest, and slowly lift your head until your chin has about a 15-degree lift. Hear any difference?

• Maybe even more important, the mic can be positioned so the singer is less likely to direct popping air blasts into the mic.

• It’s also easier for the singer to read any music or lyrics since it’s out of the way.

Read more: http://bobbyowsinskiblog.com/2017/07/12/hanging-microphone/#ixzz4md6Z3MER

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