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CASE STUDY – Ketchikan Fishing Expeditions

KFE is a startup fishing expedition and touring company in Ketchikan, Alaska. Competition for vacationers in the Ketchikan area is aggressive within the fishing expedition industry. KFE needed a creative direction company that could provide online visual branding and graphic consultation that targeted their potential demographic of vacationers in Alasaka.

The Need

Competition for vacationers in the Ketchikan area is aggressive within the fishing expedition industry. KFE was in need of a creative direction company that could help with an online visual appearance and provide a website that could generate leads and allow bookings online for potential vacationers in the Ketchikan area. KFE also emplyed California Dingo Media for consultation on visual branding to target their desired audience and potential clientele.

The Strategy

California Dingo Media employed a strategy of discovery with their client KFE in realizing who the demographic is and how to target that demographic in visual design. Once the demographic was discovered, CDM set about strategizing a website build that employed proper visual branding, generated leads by crafting content that yielded positive results in Google searches, and improved click-thru rates by allowing bookings online with potential clients.

The Result

The website is consistently updated and improved based on SEO outcomes which results in a website that is consistently genertating leads and potential sales. Implementing online booking capabilities allows for easy transactions for clients who will be vacationing in Ketchikan. KFE is now a competitor to be reckoned with in Ketchikan, Alaska and has seen an steady uptick in vacation business since launching as a startup.

“I was looking for a website designer to help me with my new business and California Dingo Media did not disappoint! I’ve never been involved with building a site before and David was very communicative and guided me in the process all the way. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. This new site makes it easy for my clients to book fishing trips and tours.”

Capt. Aaron Ramirez, Ketchikan Fishing Expeditions

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