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CASE STUDY – Cypress Software, Inc.

California Dingo Media was approached by a pharmaceutical software company to visually define their unique business model using custom imagery and crafted design to be used across various marketing materials.

The Need

Cypress Software uses a business model that is unique to its target audience and this model needed to be effectively translated across multiple marketing materials using customized design to create brand identity. 

The Strategy

California Dingo Media identified the visual design to best communicate the unique business model Cypress Software had to offer their clients. This design was crafted to fit multiple print formats to promote brand identity. Strategy was also employed to help CSI stand out from the competitive pharmaceutical software market at promotional events.

The Result

A unique business model was effectively translated visually to a target audience helping to promote brand awareness in their competitive market. This imagery and design was then printed to small and large format marketing materials to help broaden client base online and in-person at promotional events. Strategies included crafting a promotional booth with big screens and marketing material to assist in gaining attention and furthering interest at events.

“Providing quality product and service was very evident when working with California Dingo Media. David listened to our needs and created the design and artwork that described our business model. Definitely found a business partner going forward.”

Ronald Collins, Cypress Software, Inc.

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