Author: CaliDingo

I am the owner/operator of California Dingo a multimedia company specializing in audio engineering, graphic design, web design and motion graphics.

What Does Sound Look Like? Check it out!

Hello, Came across this little video today that explains a technique for seeing things that we normally cannot see. Sound being one of many of these things. They explain the technique for being able to do this and it appears that this is something most would be able to accomplish if they want to conduct […]

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Oldest Known Complete Piece of Music in History

Hello, Today I came across a fascinating little video from someone on Youtube. Apparently, the individual is playing a lyre, which was most likely what the song was written on. However, this is a little peek into what all the cool kids were listening to back in the day. First, here is a a little […]

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How to Coil Your Cables, All Proper-like.

Hello, Came across this little video via Bobby Owsinksi’s blog. For many, many years I was coiling my cables the wrong way and suffering for it every time I went to uncoil them and use them. You see, if done properly you can uncoil your cables ¬†and have no tangles, snags, etc. This is not […]

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Acoustic Treatment In A Box??

Hello, I recently took the plunge and bought IK Multimedia’s ARC 2 System for my project studio. What exactly is this, you ask? Well, allow me to explain. ARC stands for Advanced Room Correction and a while back I wrote a post where I touched a bit on it while discussing room treatment for my […]

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Math Is Always Better With Cartoons

Hello, I recently finished up a cartoon that will be used in an educational video at AIMS Education Foundation. It’s a 1st Grade math video and this particular cartoon is to help exemplify in visual form what the on-camera talent is explaining to the viewer. So, being geared to 1st Grade means the art must […]

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