Author: CaliDingo

I am the owner/operator of California Dingo a multimedia company specializing in all things multimedia: graphic design, motion graphics, animation, website design, videography, audio engineering and more.

Dave Grohl: The Ideal Music Teacher

  So, I recently was on a Dave Grohl/Nirvana itch on the ol’ Youtubes and came across these gems. He explains how he learned drums/guitar and how to write a hit song. Of course, he includes his awesome humor and humility, but these videos struck a chord with me (no pun intended) and here’s why. First, a […]

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Video Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Hello All, Watching videos is fun, isn’t it? According to marketing stats… that’s a definite “yes”! Adding video to your Facebook posts, your website, your blog or any other online presence increases interaction with your viewers by a large margin. There are stats all over the place indicating the actual percentage of increase of interaction, but […]

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Client Showcase

Hello All, Today, I was thinking of sharing a recent website I worked on for a new client. I’ve found my favorite site building software to be Adobe Muse. I’ll be doing a little tutorial at some point demonstrating some of my favorite aspects and tools that come along with Adobe Muse. One of my […]

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A $300,000 Speaker?

So, apparently they make $300,000 speakers. I was not aware of this. But, regardless, let us watch and see how they make such a thing. At the end, I am sure we will all sit around the campfire and attempt to understand why there is a speaker that costs $300,000… rather than how the thing […]

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What Does Sound Look Like? Check it out!

Hello, Came across this little video today that explains a technique for seeing things that we normally cannot see. Sound being one of many of these things. They explain the technique for being able to do this and it appears that this is something most would be able to accomplish if they want to conduct […]

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