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Hello All,

Today, I was thinking of sharing a recent website I worked on for a new client. I’ve found my favorite site building software to be Adobe Muse. I’ll be doing a little tutorial at some point demonstrating some of my favorite aspects and tools that come along with Adobe Muse. One of my favorite things right off the bat (…and which needs no demonstration) is the ability to work in code AND visual layout. I love this as, at times, only coding will get the job done. But, this is not a blog about Adobe Muse… no siree. This blog is about my good friends over at Multi Metals. They provide all sorts of custom metal work and metal fabrication. If you are in the market for their services, please don’t hesitate to look them up at their newly designed website. Right here —-> Multi Metals.

Thanks for checking them out. I’ll have more client showcases sprinkled throughout my future postings here and there.

Till next time…

David (Cali Dingo)


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