How A Neumann U87 Mic Is Made

Neumann Mic


There is one name in microphones that many audio engineers find to be THE mic maker of all mic makers. It is Neumann.  I, personally, have never been blessed enough to work with any of their mics, but from what I gather they are pretty darn sweet. I recently had an email conversation with my brother who informed me that there are sites out there where one can learn how to make your very own Neumann mic at a very affordable price. I have heard of many people making their own microphones, but have never thought of doing so for myself. I’m still not quite that interested, because I’m not really handy with a soldering iron, but… who knows.. perhaps down the road. It definitely beats paying money I don’t have in order to get one.

With that said, I came across a video of a real Neumann U87 being made. This appears to be an old “behind the scenes” type video they produced some years ago, but it is fascinating if nothing else as to how many steps, people and parts go into making any microphone, let alone a Neumann mic. I found it very interesting and thought perhaps you would too.


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