Music Video Sample

Hello again,

As I stated in the last post, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a music video. I and my creative cohort came up with the idea for the video storyline, I created the art for the animatic and then he and I animated the graphic art to make the animatic. It was approved and now we are off to filming. We first went location scouting and fortunately, there were only 2 locations needed for this shoot. Then we slated a full Saturday to film all the necessary shots.

It was a fun experience and I want to do it again, for sure. The only thing I can remember that was not too fun was the heat. I was not acclimated to the 100+ weather yet, so I was losing it. But, outside of that little hiccup all things went exceptionally well.

We aren’t done, however. Editing is now our workload. We have knocked out 1 full session of collaborative editing, but I foresee us doing another round just to tighten things up. Then if it’s approved, we’ll start color correcting, adding filters, etc. to really make this thing pop.

Below are a few stills from shooting day and below that is a small 20 sec. clip from our latest editing efforts. I want to put a thank you out there to the small cast that played the street crowd and also the awesome kids who jumped at the chance to do a little scene stealing.

Without further ado….


This was our first location for the day. You can see the heat coming up off the ground. Dojo was able to capture this effect on film. Pretty cool.
Close up for a scene.
Scene that was represented in the animatic sample I posted last week.
The star of the video. Homemade prop.
Here I am, out of shape and all, going over the song section with the cast and artist. Only took us a few tries to get everyone in synch.
Another scene shot for the last section of the song.

I’ll continue to post updates on the making of this video.

Hope you enjoyed.

Till next time…

David (Cali Dingo)